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AeonBlog – Free WP Theme

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AeonAccess – Free WP Theme


AeonBlog and AeonAccess is the first and second theme from AeonWP respectively. Both the themes are available in a premium and a free version. These are the full Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes with custom widgets and responsive layout.

With these themes, we wanted to give you a beautiful, accessibility-ready blog theme that is easy to set up.


AeonBlog and AeonAccess common features include:

  • Accessibility ready -The theme has been carefully tested and follows WordPress accessibility guidelines.
  • Mobile ready -The theme is responsive and looks great on all screen sizes.
  • Logo upload (optional).
  • Header image (optional).
  • Sidebar options:
    • Right
    • left
    • Content in the middle column.
  • Sticky Sidebar (optional).
  • About Me section in the sidebar (optional).
  • Breadcrumb navigation (optional).
  • Related posts (optional).
  • Typography options:
    • Select your font family, base size, line height and letter spacing.
  • Navigation and pagination style options.
  • Excerpt length option.
  • Read more text option.
  • Color options and background image options.
  • Go to the top button.
  • Footer Copyright text (optional).
  • Font Awesome icons.

Premium features

  • Two-column blog page
  • Additional sidebar options
  • Social sharing
  • Footer widget areas

Accessible WordPress Theme Features

  • Two skips to content links
  • High color contrast
  • Aria roles
  • Semantic HTML and heading order
  • Keyboard navigation with a visible focus
  • Large text size, with options to change the size

View the demo with the live customizer

The responsive tablet and mobile design for the AeonBlog Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes hides the sidebars depending on the width of the screen.

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