Gutenberg Block Plugin Blockspare Review in 2021

Are you searching for Gutenberg Block Plugin for your WordPress website? Blockspare is one of the best options.

Gutenberg blocks are used to create content layouts in the new WordPress block editor. The best part is, each of its content is a draggable block.

Such plugins allow you to create complex page layouts directly without messing with buggy columns and sections. Now, you can quickly prototype page layouts to present your clients right in WordPress. 

Blockspare Banner Image

Today, in this article, we came with an amazing Gutenberg block plugin called Blockspare. It is open-source software designed with a beautiful user-interface. The plugin offers different beautiful features which help you to create a powerful website on different niche.   

To know more about the plugin, let get into its features.

A) Why choose Blockspare Gutenberg Block Plugin?

  • Pre-designed Blocks Layouts
  • Provides gradients Color Effects
  • Comes with 5 awesome font icons
  • Provides additional Block Options
  • Built with re-arrangeable Inner Blocks
  • Designed with highly customizable layouts
  • Box-shadow and borders

B) Key Features of Blockspare

Key Features of Blockspare

Some major key features of Blockspare are listed below. Check them out.

i) Attractive Layout

Blockspare comes with several pre-designed layouts. You just need to import it within your website. These will help you to create an attractive website. Get more improvised page/post section with its layout.

ii) Typography and color

The plugin allows you to choose from font family and font color. With this, you can customize your page layout and make it more attractive. As a result, you will get more traffic and a top SEO rank.

iii) Refund Policy 

Blockspare is one of the best Gutenberg block plugins. But in case if you are not satisfied with it, you will get your cashback. Yes, Blockspare provides 30 days refund policy. It means you do’t get the plugin useful as per your requirement, contact the owner within 30 days. You will get your fund back.

iv) Responsive Layout 

Blockspare is designed with a responsive layout. Your site looks good in all sizes of the screen from a mobile, tablet, to desktop. Since your site is responsive, you will get more visitors. And more traffic means top SEO ranking.

v) Well Detailed Documentation

Suppose, if you are new to the plugin or don’t have any idea to deal with it, you can refer to its documentation. Blockspare comes with well-detailed documentation which will guide you to perform your tasks.

C) Available Blocks of Blockspare

Blocks of Blockspare

Blockspare is popular for its blocks. It comes with more than 100 blocks. These blocks help you to customize your website in an elegant way. Let’s know about some basic features of its powerful blocks:


  • Offers color forms for text color, panel color, active text color, active panel color 
  • Comes with different icon types
  • Gap modification 


  • A variation on buttons shapes and style 
  • Offers several Icon 
  • Customizable gradient color 


  • Several options for layout 
  • Provides attractive design for the background image and Gradient color
  • Comes with shadow effects

Contain Box

  • Different layout style for content, image, and header
  • Arrange letters and text in an attractive way
  • Customizable Gaps 


Gutenberg Block Plugin Counter
  • Attractive icons and Images 
  • Easy modifying fonts and color

Call to Action

  • Sadow effects for box
  • Many attractive layouts
  • Elegant background image
  • Changeable button shape and style 

Empty Section

  • Space with color effect


  • Option to size, style, and color icons

Icon List

  • List with iconic bullet 
  • Option for color and fonts 

Image Carousel

  • Several slides option
  • Many navigation options 

Image Masonry

Image Masonry of Blockspare
  • Modification for the size of a grid image 
  • Image caption 

Image Slider

  • Change navigation style and size 
  • Changeable slider speed 

Logo Grid

  • Set Sponsor, Company, and brand logo 

Notice Bar

Notice bar Block
  • Warning notice for icon 
  • Box Shadow effect 
  • An announcement with a back image

Posts Carousel

  • Attractive layout to choose from
  • Customizable slide and image 

Post Grid

  • Offers layouts option 
  • Box Shadow effect for attractive post view
  • Various style to present content

Post List

  • Various  layouts option
  • Beautiful style for content

Price List

  • Menus card with images and design
  • Change the color of the unit position

Price Table

  • Option for color, alignment, and typography
  • Badge for attractive layout
  • Place icon before the description

Progress Bar

  • Customized Bar color
  • Modify bar thickness

Section Header

  • Attractive header style
  • Various option for layout 


  • Provides icon and button
  • Different  layout

Shape Divider

  • Different color option
  • Numbers of the layout

Social Links

Social Links Block
  • Customize for colors, shapes, and size
  • Social option

Social Sharing

  • Customizable colors, shapes, and size
  • Social sharing option

Star Rating

  • Modify star color, size, and numbers


  • Modify active color
  • Offers different layouts


  • Different color options
  • Change layouts of the header

User Profile

Users Profile Widget Block
  • Several color options
  • Change header layout

There are many more blocks of Blockspare. Each of them is responsible for customizing your website. The block makes your site attractive and more powerful.

D) Premium Features 

Sometimes freemium plugin does not provide enough featured required by your website. You need some additional features to make your site powerful. If you are using Blockspare, you need not worry about it. Blockspare is also available in its premium version. It costs $24.99/yr.

You need to upgrade your free version to the premium one. 

Premium version of Blockspare

Now, you can customize your site with more additional features. So, what is additional and new in the premium version? Here have a look:

  • 100+ Pre-designed Layouts
  • 29+ Custom Blocks
  • Advanced Gradient Background Color
  • Amazing Image Masking and Filters
  • Box-shadow and Borders
  • Highly Customizable effects

E) How to Install Blockspare?

From the above features and description, I am sure you are excited to use the Blockspare blocks. So at first, you need to download and install the plugin. Since it is an easy procedure, even a layman can do it very well. To install the plugin, go through the following steps:

  • Visit your WordPress admin panel
  • Click on the Plugins shown in your Dashboard
  • Clicking on the “Add New” link in the plugins
  • Plugins menu brings you to the “Install Plugins” section
  • Search Blockspare in the search bar
  • Then, Install and Activate it
Installing Blockspare

Once the plugin is activated, you will receive a successful message. Now, you can start designing your website with the amazing features of Blockspare.


Finally, we did with overall features and description of Blockspare. Blockspare is an amazing Gutenberg block plugin. With its blocks, you can design an eye-catchy website for your business. It is easy to use and install. Now, even beginners can implement the plugin for their website.

We hope, you get this article helpful to you. If you are getting any troubles regarding the plugin, feel free to share with us. You can send your queries through our comment section. We will go through it and get back to you soon.

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